sushiX ultima online server software, a feature list  

The Panultima Endeffect team is pleased to announce a short feature list of their upcoming sushiX ultima online server software:

  • Above all, a stunningly clean and intuitive design is met by our software.
  • A hierarchical object structure that is represented within the world to your staffers. Every property of an object, including properties customary to your shard, can be defined.
  • A stunningly easy to learn script and command syntax that combines the combinative complexity of a traditional unix environment with a semantically straight namespace.
  • Ultima Online Third Dawn support.
  • Ilshenar support.
  • Every aspect of the Shard - be it the configuration, your scripts or different instances of objects such as players' characters, NPCs and items can be altered online withinin the Ultima Online client, via an IRC bot or offline.
  • The language is applicative and allows for argument passing by reference; it is possible to use regular expressions with arguments (posix regexp).
  • Embedded system for large scale wars other than the standard Chaos vs. Order wars: Sample implementation of the Hero/Evil system.
  • A staff privilege system that is points based. Additionally, an account with the necessary access options to the applicable command may assign or deassign a subset of his own command set to different players.
  • sushiX is fast! Forget anything you have seen so far - sushiX beats any other Ultima Online server software hands down.

Additionally, we should add that sushiX is intended for mature shard holders only. We do understand that sushiX is way more complex than your average 30 day Sphere server. It also will not run on Windows. It was built with FreeBSD as our platform of choice in mind but will (of course) do just as well on Linux or the other *BSDs. Cygwin might work aswell, though.

Fair Winds,
H. Martin Strobl alias Ava <>